Rev. Nita Kenyon

Nita Kenyon was ordained to teach Kriya Yoga in March of 2017 by Yogacharya O’Brian. She was then invited to step into the role of spiritual director. Rev. Kenyon brings her warmth and compassion to the teachings of Yoga and supports others as they awaken to their essential nature.

Rev. Devin Kent Sodt

Devin Sodt was ordained to teach Kriya Yoga in 2009 by Yogacharya O’Brian. The Awakening community was blessed by Rev. Sodt’s presence when he was invited to serve as spiritual director from 2013-2017. His depth and breadth of Kriya Yoga teachings have blessed us all. Rev. Sodt has since returned to his ministry at CSE and he returns periodically to share his love of Kriya Yoga with us.

Julie Hitchcock

Julie Hitchcock, ministry intern at Awakening, was initiated into Kriya Yoga in December of 2011 by Yogacharya O’Brian. Julie supports the teachings of Kriya Yoga at Awakening and shares her wisdom and insight with families in a variety of ways here on the central coast.