Tag: Kriya Yoga

Gateway to Joy

“Live your life as a great bliss adventure. Be willing to follow what has heart and meaning.” ~Yogacharya O’Brian As I stroll along our walking trails early in the morning, I find myself musing about the path of awakening. Ten years ago, I was initiated into Kriya Yoga by my Guru Yogacharya O’Brian. I remember seeing other devotees, dressed all… Read more →

Experience the Beauty of the Season

“Establish in yourself a temple of beauty and peace; there you will find God, on the altar of your soul.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda   The changing seasons and the holidays that accompany them give us reason to pause. Through rich symbolism and traditions that have been passed down through the generations, along with grace, we receive the gift of beauty. At… Read more →

Tend to Your Space

“Learn to carry all the conditions of happiness within yourself by meditating and attuning your consciousness to the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new joy, which is God.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda Dearest Community, As the days are growing shorter and the air is growing cooler, the natural inclination to nest arises. We begin spending more time indoors, wearing layers for additional warmth, and arranging… Read more →

The Disciple’s Heart

Just as the light of the Sun begins to emerge, the beloved birds begin their morning song. There is such sweetness and delight in this precious life we have been given and as we awaken, we rest there—in the beauty of each moment. When the veil of confusion and sorrow is lifted, a new life reveals itself to us like… Read more →

Bring Peace to the Troubled Mind

“When we are confronted with difficulty, our thoughts can spin and tension grips the body. First aid for the troubled mind and fearful heart is to attend to the breath. It is the most accessible and reliable way to become still. Simply noticing inhalation and exhalation with the intention to become more inwardly aware restores our equilibrium. Then we can… Read more →