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Bring Peace to the Troubled Mind

“When we are confronted with difficulty, our thoughts can spin and tension grips the body. First aid for the troubled mind and fearful heart is to attend to the breath. It is the most accessible and reliable way to become still. Simply noticing inhalation and exhalation with the intention to become more inwardly aware restores our equilibrium. Then we can… Read more →

Open to Divine Grace

“When the surrendered heart is broken open, the underground stream of divine love rises to the surface and washes everything clean. Life shines anew.” ~Yogacharya O’Brian I have had the opportunity to touch in with others to get a sense of how they are faring during this time. While their experience is dependent upon many variables, the feeling of grief… Read more →

The Transforming Power of Breath

“Sweep away negative or self-defeating thoughts with a conscious out-breath. Welcome happiness back into your heart and mind with a conscious in-breath. It takes only one transforming moment, one breath.”    Yogacharya O’Brian Breath – a natural process of the body.  We don’t need to think about it, it happens automatically.  Yet the breath can become a powerful tool when we… Read more →