You are a Force for Good

“We find our greatest happiness in the open field of possibility
yet search endlessly for the shelter of certainty.”
~Yogacharya O’Brian
As outer conditions remain unstable and beyond our control, we are likely feeling the discomfort that comes with uncertainty. Of course, outer conditions are always in a state of change and yet we often find ourselves seeking stability and certainty in all that we do. Sometimes, at the cost of living fully.
Yogacharya O’Brian reminds us that we are living in a time of global spiritual awakening. There is a universal call to awaken to our essential nature as spiritual beings and to live in the highest way,
We each play an essential role in the re-imagining of the world we live in and despite outer appearances, we are living in a time of great possibility. Now is the time to plant seeds of peace, unity, and love. This is where the power of imagination comes in.
Paramahansa Yogananda spoke of the imagination as a portal through which you can transcend all limitations. When the mind is calm, I invite you to imagine the fulfillment of your greatest dreams. Keeping your inner gaze lifted, hold this image in your mind and release all thoughts of lack or limitation. Not only is this an antidote to worry, it is essential to the evolution of humanity.
During a particularly painful period in my life, a friend sent me a beautiful card where she wrote “You are a force for good”. In that moment, I was reminded that I was far greater than the conditions that surrounded me. Of course, this is true of us all.
You are a divine being far greater than the conditions that surround you. The creative power that sustains all of life, expresses through you. Use your power of imagination to bring your awareness into alignment with the unbounded field of possibility. As you do, Life will rise to greet you.
You are a force for good! You are a force for God.
~Rev. Julie Hitchcock