There are times when we feel there is more to life. We have a yearning to know and go beyond our current experience. Sometimes the challenges of life have crowded out the feeling of connection to others, self and the wholeness of life; we feel lost. Spiritual guidance counseling is a way to examine our life and its obstacles with an increased awareness of connection to our Self, our essence of being, and to the Divine. Our spiritual guidance counselors offer deep listening to the myriad of difficulties, concerns, and joys in your life. Together, in a supportive, spiritual context, we gain the awareness of the influences of Spirit, in and through our life, when we become receptive to it. Please be aware that spiritual guidance counseling is not therapeutic counseling.

About Spiritual Direction
Spiritual direction is individual support to awaken our spiritual life. Our spiritual guidance counselors also offer spiritual direction, a more long-term support for integrating and grounding spiritual practices and philosophy in ones daily life. We seek to connect with self and the Divine through the definite spiritual practices of study & contemplation, meditation & prayer, living by spiritual principles, and surrender & service.

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