Expand Your Horizons

“Divine power within us is always ready to express through us to bring healing and expand our horizons beyond what we believe possible. We need only to trust and cooperate with it. Be unabashedly hopeful for your life and the life of our world. Let the language of your faith in God speak with every hopeful word and every constructive action.”

~ Yogacharya O’Brian

This last year, with a limit on our physical movement, our outer horizons may have felt narrowed.  Yet, it has been the perfect time to expand our inner horizons.  Contemplation on what it means to live life “unabashedly hopeful” can help us expand both our inner and outer horizons.   As we broaden our inner horizons in contemplation, the outer ones open before us.

During my time of contemplation on hopefulness, I discovered how my faith nourishes hope.  My faith in and surrender into that Divine power feeds the hope for my life and for that of the world.  Established in faith and with the possibility of receiving a COVID vaccination in the near future, my hope grows that a time will come when I can hug my children and grandchildren once again.  My faith, my belief in a force for good, sustains my hope for a better world.  This “hope” is not wishful thinking but rather the hope that comes when we are established in the Self.

As I sit in the that faith and hope, I can let go of the when and how. The Spanish word for hope is esperanza.  The verb is esperar – to wait.  As I let go of the when and how, I wait in faith.  Faith in God, faith in that Divine power.  With faith in the Eternal my hope blossoms.  Desmond Tutu wrote “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” 

No matter how dark and narrow our horizons may appear, we can always make the choice to be unabashedly hopeful.

“Never lose hope, my dear heart, miracles dwell in the invisible.”


Rev. Nita Shankari Kenyon