Fulfill Your Divine Destiny

“We are not here to make a living but to be radiantly alive. We are here to fulfill our divine destiny—to wake up spiritually and serve life with our talents. The distracted mind will always say, later. But the soul insists, now. This is the time to focus on living the spiritual life.”

~Yogacharya O’Brian

As I read this quote from Yogacharya O’Brian, I was reminded of the Sanskrit word atha, the ever present auspicious “Now”.  We can make the choice every day, every moment “to wake up spiritually and serve life with our talents”.  It is always an auspicious time to examine our life purpose – to discern how we can cooperate with the Divine plan for our life.

Leo Tolstoy, in his parable The Three Questions, reminds us that how we serve life is not necessarily in grand strokes but with small, intentional acts.  Tolstoy tells us of a king who wanted to know the answer to three things.  First, he wanted to know when the right time was to begin everything.  Second, who was the most important person to pay attention to.  And finally, what was the most important thing to do.  The king talked to many learned men and got their opinions but was not satisfied.  During a visit with a hermit, the answers were revealed to him through what he experienced there.  He learned that the most important time is now. The most important person to pay attention to is whoever you are with. The most important thing is to do is to do good to the person you are with.

As we begin to live from a spiritual perspective, we live more intentionally.  Instead of letting ourselves be carried away on waves of reactive behavior, we can remain even minded and discern how to best serve life in every moment.  Whether that is with a smile or simply being a listening presence.  These small acts can add up to much more than one grand achievement.

As we go about our days, let’s listen to the soul’s insistence to live in the highest way, serve life and in turn, we will be radiantly alive.

Rev. Nita Shankari Kenyon