The Ruby in the Cave of your Heart

“Oh, Lord, lead us from the unreal to the Real.

Lead us from the darkness of ignorance to the Light of Truth.

Lead us from falsely identifying with the mortal body and mind to the realization of our immortal divine nature.”

  ~ Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

In March when the news outlets told us of a new illness caused by the coronavirus, many of us could not imagine that we would still be isolating at home in December. As the cases once again continue to rise around the world and the death toll increases, the light of hope from the approval of vaccines may feel dim. Our mood may match the changing season as the time of daylight decreases.

Monday, December 21st, will mark the Winter Solstice – the day with the fewest hours of daylight. This day signals a turning point as the time of daylight begins to increase after the solstice. The solstice has been celebrated for centuries, as we turn from darkness to the hope of increasing light.

We are only able to perceive light if there is darkness. The seed that germinates in the dark breaks through the earth and reaches for the light. As the seed reaches for the light so we break out of the darkness of ignorance and seek the Light of Truth. With our steadfast and intentional meditation practice, we can touch the light of our true immortal divine nature. This light sustains us no matter how dark the world may seem.

Let this be a time for us to rededicate ourselves to our meditation practice. As Yogacharya O’Brian tells us, “Who would guess that a brilliant diamond hides in carbon or that rubies are found in a dark cave of plain stone? When we yearn to bring forth healing, the first place to look is within. The way to the peace, security, and well-being we yearn for is within our consciousness. The resources needed are hidden in the cave our own hearts.”

Let us enter the cave of our hearts and rest in that radiant ruby of the light of Truth every day as we sit to meditate.

Rev. Nita Shankari Kenyon