Tend to Your Space

“Learn to carry all the conditions of happiness within yourself by meditating and attuning your consciousness to the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new joy, which is God.”

~Paramahansa Yogananda

Dearest Community,

As the days are growing shorter and the air is growing cooler, the natural inclination to nest arises. We begin spending more time indoors, wearing layers for additional warmth, and arranging our home for guests. During this time of global pandemic, the holidays ahead will have a different flavor as many forgo large social gatherings.

Just as we prepare for the birth of a child, we have a beautiful opportunity to prepare for the dawning of the Self during this auspicious season. We are invited to remain self-contained, to go within, and cultivate an atmosphere of stillness and grace. This year, we may enjoy the simplicity of the season.

At this time, I notice the urge to tend to my surroundings. I have been engaging in a process of letting go of that which no longer serves, purifying the space around and within me, and setting my clear intention for the months to come. Allowing for the darkness, we can invite the light to shine.

The masters in our lineage of Kriya Yoga encourage us to consciously prepare our inner and outer environment to allow for our natural unfolding. When engaged in spiritual practice, we are not trying to make anything happen. We are simply arranging conditions so we may experience the fullness of our essential nature as radiant expressions of pure consciousness itself.

With a heart of gratitude, I invite you to tend to your space. Allow for a full range of feeling and keep turning towards the light. May we each be a reflection of love, joy, and hope during this season.

Rev. Julie Hitchcock