The Disciple’s Heart

Just as the light of the Sun begins to emerge, the beloved birds begin their morning song. There is such sweetness and delight in this precious life we have been given and as we awaken, we rest there—in the beauty of each moment. When the veil of confusion and sorrow is lifted, a new life reveals itself to us like a tiny seed beginning to sprout.

There comes a time on our spiritual journey when we feel the call to deepen our commitment to our chosen path. To move our spiritual practice from the periphery of our life to the center from which all else springs forth. To move beyond the ever-changing outer conditions to discover a life rich with inner wisdom, peace, and joy. This is the call of discipleship.

Autumn is an auspicious season on my path of spiritual awakening. With the changing leaves and pumpkin pie, I experience the quality of love and devotion all around and within me. It is a beautiful blessing to have a living Guru in our lineage of Kriya Yoga. I met my Guru, Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, and asked to be a disciple on October 20 of 2012. From the fetters of confusion to the light of expanding joy, my heart swells with gratitude.

The teachings of Yoga have been traditionally passed down, through the ages, from Guru to disciple or teacher to student. The Sanskrit term Guru refers to one who illumines our path of awakening. The teachers in our lineage of Kriya Yoga have been quite clear that the true Guru lies within. We are each an expression of pure consciousness itself and we can come to experience our essential nature directly; as whole and complete unto ourselves. All that we seek is within.

Difficulty arises when we strive to know the Self, but we lack clear understanding on how to access our true nature as spiritual beings. Through direct instruction, transmission, and attunement, the Guru imparts her knowledge and leads us to the gateway of our own heart.

As conditions in our world remain quite intense today, I invite you to follow the yearning within your own being to experience the fullness of Self and God realization. Remain sincere, open, and willing to follow the inclination of your heart to express fully in this lifetime and trust that Life itself will arrange conditions to bring you what is needed upon your path of spiritual awakening.

Rev. Julie Hitchcock