Listen to the Soul

“We are not here to make a living but to be radiantly alive.  We are here to fulfill our divine destiny – to wake up spiritually and serve life with our talents.  The distracted mind will always say, later.  But the soul insists, now.  This is the time to focus on living the spiritual life.”
~Yogacharya O’Brian

Now is an auspicious time to take stock of our lives and set the intention to live a spiritual life – a life guided by the soul rather than the ego.  The events of the world pull on us for their attention unceasingly.  As Yogacharya tells us above, “The distracted mind will always say, later.”  When this is over or once I have completed this goal, I will focus on my spiritual life.  Our lives unfold as we wait for later.  Let’s not wait any longer.

In my early work life, I remember seeing something that could be changed to save time and provide better service for our clients.  When I suggested the change, my superiors would say that we could not make the change without going through a process first.  This would make me very frustrated.  But I soon learned that the process was vital.  The same holds true for our spiritual awakening.  The teachers tell us that all the way to yoga is yoga.  Most of us need to go through a process of daily spiritual practice to move from ego-based living to soul-based living.  What we do, how we engage with life every day is what can lead us toward or away from our goal of waking up to the truth of our being.

In chapter 2, verse 18 of the Yoga Sutras it says, The world is the play of the gunas – the universal energies of light, motion, and mass.  They take form as the elements and the senses.  The purpose of the world is to provide us with experience and thus to lead us to liberation.  Let us embrace the experiences that come our way – whether we view them as painful or joyful – as opportunities to grow spiritually.  By living intentionally, listening to soul guidance, we step closer to removing all that clouds our mind from the realization of Self and God.  Let’s listen to the soul now.  Today.  In this very moment.

Rev. Nita Shankari Kenyon