Cultivate a Grateful Heart

“A grateful heat is a magnet that draws to us what is harmonious and good.  This idea is reflected in a playful metaphysical adage: not ‘We see things as they are’, but ‘we see things as we are’.”

~Yogacharya O’Brian

During this turbulent time, it is easy to get caught up in the changing events and see only gloom and doom.  Our meditation practice helps us to step back from these waves of change and see the world with different eyes.  Instead of seeing only that which is wrong in the world, we can see what is good and be grateful.

This act of gratitude also helps us see the good.  Gratitude involves a mental shift from scarcity to abundance.  It is not about changing our circumstances but rather involves a change in how we see the world.  It is a change in our perspective.  With our practice of gratitude, we open our hearts and minds to grace – that enlivening power that is supporting us.

The words “grace” and “gratitude” are related.  If you look up grace, you will see a reference to gratitude and if you look up gratitude, one of the definitions is grace.  Roy Eugene Davis told us, “An enlivening power is nurturing this universe and we can learn to cooperate with it.”  Our meditation and gratitude practices help us learn to cooperate with this enlivening power.

May your heart always be grateful.

Rev. Nita Shankari Kenyon