Open to Divine Grace

“When the surrendered heart is broken open, the underground stream of divine love rises to the surface and washes everything clean. Life shines anew.”
~Yogacharya O’Brian
I have had the opportunity to touch in with others to get a sense of how they are faring during this time. While their experience is dependent upon many variables, the feeling of grief seems to be a common experience for many at this time.
Collectively, we have experienced tremendous loss. We have lost the lives of loved ones, of livelihood, of close contact with family and friends. In recent days, many have lost their homes. We have lost our sense of security and life as we once knew it.
Walking consciously upon a spiritual path does not shelter us from the pain that is inherent in life. All that is manifest in the physical world is subject to change and this contributes to our suffering.
Our sadhana, or daily spiritual practice, allows us to anchor ourselves in the breath, to notice the range of emotion that arises, and to surrender into the tenderness of each moment. To be fully human is to experience a range of emotion including sadness and grief.
Our Yoga practice supports us in being fully present to pleasure and pain and supports us in the process of letting go. When we release our grasp on outer conditions, we are better able to access a place of warmth, compassion, and love within.
When we allow our heart to break open, healing and transformation begin and we are divinely supported each step of the way.
~Rev. Julie Hitchcock