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Growing in Love
Premarital Counseling Program

The Growing in Love Premarital
and Marriage Enrichment programs
are based on the Prepare/Enrich Program
developed by David H. Olson founder
of Life Innovations, Inc.


Growing in Love Premarital Counseling begins with taking a relationship inventory (questionnaire) which helps you identify your strengths and growth areas as a couple.

There are are separate inventories for preparing to marry with no children involved (PREPARE), when there are children (PREPARE-MC), for couples who are cohabitating (PREPARE-CC), and for couples 50 years or older (MATE). The inventory is not meant to determine whether or not you should marry, but rather gives you an opportunity to explore important topics and to learn and practice skills necessary for a healthy relationship.

There are six one and a half hour skill building and feedback sessions which include a couples workbook. These sessions are self-paced, providing you an opportunity to advance as rapidly, or as slowly as your time and ability permit. The sessions cover the following topics:

  • Marriage Expectations
  • Communication Skills (ALL INVENTORIES)
  • Conflict Resolution (ALL INVENTORIES)
  • Sexual expectations/relationship (ALL INVENTORIES)
  • Financial Management (ALL INVENTORIES)
  • Role Relationship (ALL INVENTORIES)
  • Spiritual Beliefs (ALL INVENTORIES)
  • Personality Issues (ALL INVENTORIES)


Cost:  $450.00 ($400.00 tax deductible)