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Commitment to Peace May 25, 2008

On Memorial Day, 2008, the AWAKENING Interfaith Spiritual Community felt there was no better way to honor those who have given their lives in war than by our Commitment to Peace. We place a Peace Pole in our community garden as an ongoing symbol of our individual and community commitment to peace.

Special thanks to Anne for planting and tending our peace garden, to Russ  for creating our peace pole and to Nate for his offering of sacred music during our ceremony.

Our Peace Pole says "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and English representing our commitment to worldwide peace.

Commitment to Peace May 25, 2008


Russ and Anne prepare garden and pole
Clio dressed for the big day!
Rev. Nancy leads community commitment to peace
Nate shares sacred music
Anne helps Nelson Family Plant Flowers
Blessing our Peace Pole
Kris setting up
All smiles as friendships begin
Julie and Max
New Friends
Rev. Nancy and husband Ron