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Songs of the Soul Women's Retreat
November 2009

Nov. 7, 2009 twelve women came together for "Songs of the Soul Women's Retreat" at a beautiful home in Atascadero, CA. With a backdrop of autumn leaves falling from the trees, we enjoyed drumming, chanting, journaling, tai chi, time in conversation, and quiet reflections in nature. After sharing a healthy lunch we created and took away a project to remind us of insights gleaned from this day. This inaugural group unanimously agreed to come together in another women's retrea in 6 month. We hope you will be able to join us at that time.

Songs of the Soul Women's Retreat


Rev. Nancy preparing altar
Feeling empowered
Fabulous women
Creativity everywhere!
Reverend Nancy
Tai Chi
Carrie & Kris
Michelle & Rani
Nancy and Nancy
The Group