The Inner Journey: Cultivating a Compassionate Heart
A Women's Retreat Day

Awakening Ministry team:
Rev. Molly Burke
Nita Kenyon
Julie Hitchcock
Berta Parrish – guest teacher

Kirtan musicians
Rev. Nancy Ballinger
Gwyn Cannan
Judi Dod
Meera Feffer
Carol  Lowell


Cultivating a Compassionate Heart


Saturday, August 13th
10am - 3:15 pm

1310 Van Beurden Dr., Ste. 102, Los Osos, CA

All are warmly invited to this special day that marks the 10th Women’s Retreat at Awakening.

You may have questioned the adage "Pain is unavoidable. Suffering is optional." How can this be?  By practicing the three components of self-compassion, we can transform the pain of self-criticism and disappointment into acceptance and resilience and then, into contentment.  At this retreat, we'll learn together how to change the ways we relate to self and others by being kind to ourselves, by embracing our shared humanity, and by accepting the present reality without judgment.  Be kind to yourself and join us!

Please join the Awakening ministry team, guest teachers, musicians and women from our community for an inspiring, heart-opening day of meditation, teachings, and music. A light vegetarian lunch will be provided.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Suggested Donation:  $50.00


Criticism is the opposite of compassion.  Focusing on a single aspect of failure causes us to miss the reality of divine perfection perceived by the wise heart.  We all make many errors along the way and long for healing.  Criticism and blame only deepen the wounds.  Love heals them.