The Spiritual Basis of Real Prosperity Book Discussion
4 Tuesdays, May 6 - May 27, 2014, 6:30-8:00 pm

PROSPERITY:¬† Latin prosperus, fortunate.¬† A steady flow of material resources and supportive events and relationships.¬† Real prosperity prevails when the spiritual, mental, physical, and environmental components of one’s life are harmoniously integrated.


Would you like to have true spiritual prosperity in your life? 

In the book, The Spiritual Basis of Real Prosperity, Roy Eugene Davis explains “reliable, tested and verified ways to experience satisfying spiritual growth and live happily and effectively.”
By reading this book, we will explore:  the basis of true prosperity, the choices we make, eight fundamental principles for success, meditation and affirmations, and our relationship with money. 

Molly Burke and Nita Kenyon will lead this book discussion, which is offered on a free will donation basis.  Books will be available for purchase at the first class for $5.00.

Molly Burke was a Licensed Counselor specializing in Addiction and Codependency and she has had extensive training in this field.  Her Kriya Yoga Initiation date is  2012.  In 2012 Molly joined the Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Community as an Intern.  Molly was trained at Hospice Partners in San Luis Obispo, CA , ministering in the Compassionate Care Program to that community.  Molly has been trained Reiki 2 Practioner since 2010. She continues to minister to the Twelve Step Community.  Molly serves AWAKENING by leading meditation and teaching classes on meditation.


Nita Kenyon was a Regional Manager for the San Luis Obispo County Department of Social Services for many years.  She has served on various non-profit boards in San Luis Obispo County, including serving as President of the San Luis Obispo County Child Abuse Prevention Counsel from 2007-2009.  Her Kriya Yoga Initiation date is 2011.  She has been a ministry intern at AWAKENING since December 2013.  She serves AWAKENING as the website and education coordinator as well as leading meditation and teaching classes on meditation.