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The Breath and Hatha Yoga
3 Tuesdays, March 31 - April 14, 6:00 - 7:15 pm with Devin Kent Sodt

Devin Kent Sodt is the Spiritual Director of Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Community. A graduate of Meru Seminary, he was ordained to teach in the spiritual tradition of Kriya Yoga by Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian. He has been teaching meditation and spiritual growth practices for many years for groups and individuals as well as serving in the community as an ordained minister.¬† Rev. Sodt has also been teaching hatha yoga since 2007.¬† He completed his 500 hour hatha yoga teacher training program in 2010.


Mastery of pranayama* removes the darkness that veils the light [self-luminous reality] of the soul.

The breath is the connecting link from the physical body to the more subtle energy that enlivens the body. In this series, the focus in all postures will be how to use the breath to create space, openness, first in the mind and then in the body. There will be instruction and practice of breathing techniques to support the full potential of the practice of yoga asanas—postures. Furthermore, our awareness of the breath will inform each asana as an avenue for vitalizing the body, calming the mind and opening to subtle energy as support for meditation and conscious living. The force we use in the practice is not physical.¬† It is a focused intent of energy that invites movement in the body to express through the asanas. If you can breathe, you can practice hatha yoga.

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*Pranayama     Expansion of vital energy. In particular, the practice of regulating inhalation, exhalation and retention for the experience of enhancing vital energy.


The Breath an Hatha Yoga