Sacred Parenting: Parenting from Within
with Julie Hitchcock

Julie Hitchcock, BA Child Development, MA Education, is a practitioner of Yoga philosophy studying and practicing the art of meditation to support her life as a mother, a Waldorf early childhood teacher and a ministry intern based in the teachings of Kriya Yoga. Julie has led and taught meditation to parents and educators in the school setting.


Sunday, April 26, 2:00-4:00pm

As we open to our spiritual nature, we begin to experience our life in a new way seeking balance and connection in all that we do. Yoga gives us the tools to discover our innate wholeness allowing our divine potential as parents to unfold. We are given the opportunity to see parenting as our spiritual practice. Through the teachings of Kriya Yoga, we will explore specific practices, including meditation, that allow us to parent from our center bringing greater harmony into our families and into our homes.

This class is offered on a free-will donation basis.

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Sacred Parenting