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A Life-Changing Year-long Web Course with Yogacharya O’Brian

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Meditation for Life
With Nita Kenyon

4 Thurs., Aug 7-28, 2014; 6:30-8:30pm
Course# PD0801.214; Regular Fee: $64
Awakening Community Member: $54


Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Community,
1130 Napa Street, Morro Bay

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At times, most of us deal with anger, worry, regret and other emotions that manifest as stress in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas of our lives. Practicing meditation for even a few minutes each day, when done consistently and correctly, has proven to improve the quality of life of the meditator. Meditating is good for you not only when you are meditating, but throughout the day.
Meditation for Life, based on the teachings of Kriya Yoga, is for beginners or experienced meditators and will combine instruction, group discussion, learning and practicing various meditation techniques, and a group meditation each week.
As a result of completing this course students will have a basic understanding of the philosophy and benefits of meditation, will learn the four stages of meditation, including various techniques to help focus the mind, and will know how to immediately begin a daily practice.

This class is offered through Cuesta Community Programs.  Registration on-line at Cuesta Community Programs.