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Just One Thing Book Group
4 Tuesdays, August 6 - 27, 6:30 - 8:00 pm


Just One Thing


This 4 week study/practice group will eplore Rick Hansen's "Just One Thing" book of simple practices to develop a "buddha brain", a brain that understands, profoundly, the causes of suffering and its end.  There are 52 practices which combine neuroscience, psychology and ancient wisdom.  We will chose a practice or two to focus on each week as we explore just one simple thing at a time.

You can purchase the book before the class at and AWAKENING will receive a percentage of the sale.

Led by AWAKENING community members David Dod and Nita Kenyon.  All proceeds benefit AWAKENING Interfaith Community.  Free Will Donation.

To register, click on the Register button on this page or call 772-0306.