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Connecting with the Soul Through Dream Tending
Tuesdays, June 11 and 18, 3:00-4:30pm

Laura Grace

Laura V. Grace has taught over a hundred programs on night-time dreams, facilitated dream groups since 1994 and lectured extensively on dreams throughout the U.S. Her dream courses examine the depths of dreams and the power they possess while guiding learners to put their dreams to work in fulfilling their soul’s blueprint. Laura is an active member of the International Study for the Association of Dreams.


Dreams are alive. Rich with symbols, archetypes and metaphor, dreams are an invaluable healing instrument. In this two-part introductory dream course with Laura Grace, we will delve into a unique process called "dream tending," created by Dr. Steven Aizenstat, founder and chancellor at Pacifica Graduate Institute. This is an experiential course, so please bring a dream to work with that "calls to you." We will explore some specific dream "keys" to work with and then engage in the process of Dream Tending.

All donations for this fundraiser go to AWAKENING.  The cost of the two sessions is $30.00.  You can register below to save your spot and pay at the first session or by calling 772-0306.


Connecting with the Soul Through Dream Tending